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What are the main aspects of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-09-08
What are the main aspects of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lifting platform? Below is how to operate the goods lifting cage platform manufacturer-mechanical editor, which can fundamentally see through the problem of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cargo lifting platform. The problems of the hydraulic system of the lifting cage cargo lifting platform are mainly manifested in the following aspects: (1) The total flow of the hydraulic system is insufficient, the engine power is insufficient, and the speed is low; the hydraulic pump is worn and the oil is insufficient; the variable mechanism of the tooth pump is malfunctioning; The filter is clogged and the oil flow is not smooth; the mailbox is short of oil. (2) Low working oil pressure of hydraulic system. Rail-type construction lift cargo lifting platform is also prone to hydraulic pump wear and internal leakage, low pump oil pressure; improper adjustment of overflow valve or active valve core or card issue; main operating valve wear gap is too large or card issue . (3) There is leakage in the hydraulic system of the fixed lifting cargo lifting platform, the leakage in the hydraulic pump, the leakage in the hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic motor, and the leakage in the control valve. (4) Leakage of hydraulic accessories from the hydraulic system; damaged seals of hydraulic pumps and control valves and oil leakage; oil leakage of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors. (5) The hydraulic system vibrates and the noise is air entering the cylinder, the suction port of the hydraulic pump enters the air, the coarse filter is blocked; the hydraulic pump sealing fails, the bearing or the rotating body is damaged; the overflow valve is not working well; the internal rotating body of the hydraulic motor is damaged ; The control valve fails; the hard oil pipe is not fixed well, and the oil return of the system is not smooth. Today, the main performance and methods of the hydraulic system of the lifting cargo lifting platform are mentioned here, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone. China's lifting cargo lifting platform manufacturers, dedicated to mobile lifting platforms, self-propelled aerial lifting platforms, fixed lifting platforms, rail-type lifting cargo lifting platforms, aluminum alloy lifting platforms, cylinder lifting platforms, folding arm lifting platforms, vehicle-mounted There are ten series of hydraulic lifting platform products such as vertical lifting platform, disabled lifting platform, lifting platform, lifting cage platform, unloading platform, etc. All products of the company meet the relevant technical standards of the country and the industry. Customer satisfaction has always been our eternal pursuit.
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