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What are the main characteristics of the hydraulic system of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-10
A lifting cage device composed of a traveling mechanism, a hydraulic mechanism, an electronic control mechanism, and a support mechanism. It effectively solves the difficulties of various lifting operations in industrial enterprises, making production operations easier and easier. The environment of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lifting platform Features. A set of hydraulic actuators that use oil as the working medium through control valves and other accessories, and use oil pressure control devices, are called hydraulic systems. It mainly includes power components, actuators, control components, auxiliary components (accessories) and Hydraulic oil. According to the characteristics of each component, the particularity of the hydraulic system environment is determined. Its main characteristics are: hydraulic fluid resistance is large, leakage is serious, and sealing is good; temperature dependence is large, and temperature conditions should not be too high or too high Low temperature, high temperature requirements, severe vibration, and strong anti-vibration ability. The failure of the hydraulic system is a frequent phenomenon, and it often occurs. The common failures of the hydraulic system of the lifting platform mainly include the following: joint leakage. Plug valve heart; blocked orifice ; Spring or seal is missing or incorrectly loaded; improper design; incomplete processing of parts; aging of parts, etc.
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