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What are the main structural forms of the hydraulic lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-09-12
The standard type of hydraulic lifting cage platform is the most basic form. Generally, the standard type gantry has a width of 1.2m and a height of 1.7m. The quality of the door frame is 13-16kg when using high-strength thin-walled steel pipes, and 20-25kg when using ordinary steel pipes. Ladder frames can bear larger loads and are mostly used for formwork support frames, movable operating platforms and underframes in masonry. The steps of the shelf can be used for the operator to go up and down the platform. It is recommended that the width of the door frame is narrow, and there is also an adjustment frame used to adjust the height of the working floor to meet the needs of high-rise changes. For the connection between door frames, connecting rods and lock walls can be used in the vertical direction, scissors support can be used in the longitudinal direction of the shelf, and horizontal beams can be used on the top of the shelf. The specifications of scissor braces and horizontal beams are selected according to the spacing of the door frames, and 1.8m is generally used. Adjustable base. The adjustable height is 55-200mm. It is mainly used for supporting mold bases to meet the needs of different mold supporting heights. The frame can be easily dropped off during demolding. When used for the outer shelf, it can adapt to uneven ground and can be used to adjust the top of each door shelf to the same level. Simple base. It can only play a supporting role and has no height adjustment function. The ground is required to be flat when used. , Base with casters. Mostly used for operating platforms to meet mobile needs. Bracket. There are two types of brackets: flat and U-shaped. They are installed on the top of the vertical rod of the mast. They are usually equipped with lead screws to adjust the height. They are mainly used to support the formwork. Connect the fasteners. There are three types of connecting fasteners: rotary fasteners, right-angle fasteners and tube fasteners. Each fastener has different specifications to adapt to the connection between the same pipe diameter or different pipe diameters. More exciting content recommendation: What are the accessories of the aerial work platform and what is the purpose? Thank you for visiting the website of Machinery. If you have any questions, you can call us and we will do our best to provide you with quality service. 24 hours technical support: Email:
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