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What are the maintenance steps for the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-09
With the rapid growth of the shopping mall economy, the lifting cage and lowering machines are commonly used in various boundaries, and with it, a lot of new production workshops have sprung up. From the active point of view, the birth of such new production companies is necessary The level has buffered the conflict between supply and demand in shopping malls; but on the other hand, these new manufacturers have also caused a lot of social resistance. The required level has disturbed shopping mall discipline and misled consumers. Then, about the ups and downs of need As far as machine customers and friends are concerned, what tricks can be used to identify the capabilities of the manufacturer? Below we provide a few types of tricks for this type of abnormality: Baidu Naturally collects relevant ups and downs machine manufacturers, and there is no such manufacturer's website. After searching for the manufacturers, first look at whether there is any talent for production. Some are used as alternative units, and those that are not decisive, don't waste the years and dabble. Most of the manufacturers that have no talent are foundries or self-employed, talk about it. Not capable. Buying the settings of such a manufacturer will put the tiger back on the mountain. Regarding those manufacturers with talents in production, you must carefully look at whether such talents are applied to other manufacturers, such as 'What kind of setting production license is special for the People's Republic of ChinaWhat kind of special installation, installation, improvement and maintenance permit' 'What kind of special installation type practice certificate'. Special reminders are the overall model and deadweight of these certificates, and the validity period of the certificate is up to the year. Regarding those who are already qualified for production talents A complete manufacturer must have more than 3 telephone consultations and exchanges, more and more about the overall parameter conditions of the landing gear, and must let the manufacturer send you the design drawing and the overall plan according to the use and control conditions of the setting. Correct. After this kind of overall communication, the production ability and skill level of the manufacturer can also be further identified, which is also the pace that must be in the acquisition of this type of setting.
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