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What are the methods of using the safety net of the lifting platform (2)?

by:Powerston     2021-10-06
About the introduction of the safety net of the cargo lifting platform, the editor made a preliminary introduction yesterday, and today I will give you a detailed introduction to the support of the first layer network and the support of the layer network. The first layer of safety net above the ground outside the house during the horizontal net construction of the first floor. Its main function is to prevent people and objects from falling, and the support must be firm and reliable. For buildings above 4m in height, a fixed 3m wide horizontal safety net must be built around the ground floor. Regardless of the form of the first-layer net, it must be firm and reliable, and it will not deform after the vertical pole is accepted; there must be no debris at the bottom of the net and the space around the net to avoid collision when falling; sufficient space must be maintained under the horizontal net; The interface of the net must be tightly connected, and the gap between it and the building cannot be greater than 10cm. The support of the layer network. According to regulations, in addition to supporting the first-layer safety net, the hydraulic lifting cage platform should also support the horizontal net. For the support of the layer net, holes can be reserved in the structural wall to fix the large crossbar; window holes can also be used to support the inclined rod and fix the large crossbar. The foreign aid of the net generally uses ordinary steel wire rope and the net frame to collapse. At the corners of the hydraulic lifting platform, if there is a place where a straight rod is fixed, use two straight-back connections to support the horizontal safety net; when there is no place where a straight rod is fixed, you can use an angle shelf to support it. With the support of the layer network. The following layer net is a horizontal safety net set up in the next step of the working layer. It rises with the rising of the working layer, and its function is to prevent falling. The support method is the same as that of the layer network. The working layer should set up a net along with each layer, and the bottom of the vertical net must be completely sealed. To sum up, it is the method of using the safety net of the hydraulic lifting cage platform. When laying the safety net, it should be implemented in strict accordance with the requirements to ensure the safe use of the lifting cage platform. More exciting content recommendation: What are the two major types of lifting platforms? What should I pay attention to when using?
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