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What are the precautions for operators of hydraulic lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-10-07
First, when operating the hydraulic lifting platform, the ground operator should concentrate on observing the work situation and the surrounding environment at all times, and deal with various situations in time. The operator should first check whether the safety protection measures are well done, and the safety protection equipment construction is qualified. The inspection items include: whether the assembly ring or the sling body is damaged. When checking the prevention parts, check the degree of wear or aging, cut and abrasion, whether there is corrosion, discoloration, burning and hardening. Whether the connecting hook is obviously damaged or deformed , Especially at the contact points, whether there is rust, corrosion, chemical pollution and impurity blockage. Ensure that hinge pins and gear levers function normally. Second, the manufacturer of lifting goods lifting platform-machinery reminds operators to wear protective clothing, not to wear Rings, watches, jewelry and other hanging objects, do not wear leaders, silk scarves, etc., work clothes should be zippered or buttoned a few numbers, and work clothes should not be opened. These may get stuck in moving parts and cause danger. In addition, special operations must be carried out Special protection. Third, after taking drugs or alcohol-containing beverages that have an impact on the reaction ability, do not operate the operating vehicle. Fourth, the operator should walk up and down the platform through the stairs, and must not climb over the fence to prevent falls and falls. As mentioned, do you have any understanding of the precautions for operators of hydraulic lifting platforms, and hope that they can play a role in your future operations. Chinese lifting cargo lifting platform manufacturers are committed to mobile lifting cage platforms and self-propelled aerial work platforms , Fixed lifting platform, rail type lifting cargo lifting platform, aluminum alloy lifting platform, cylinder type lifting platform, folding arm lifting platform, vehicle-mounted lifting cage platform, disabled lifting platform, lifting stage, lifting cage platform and other ten series Hydraulic lifting platform products, all of the company's products meet the relevant national and industry technical standards, and customer satisfaction has always been our eternal pursuit.
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