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What are the precautions when refueling the hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-16
The normality of the hydraulic oil is the prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic lifting platform. If we can refuel the hydraulic lifting platform, we must pay attention to some details, so as to avoid some inadvertent details to bring some instability to the use of the lifting cage platform. 1. First of all, the oil level of the hydraulic oil of the construction lift must be considered. After the oil cylinder is extended, the oil level cannot be lower than the minimum oil level of the oil tank. When the oil cylinder is retracted, the oil level cannot be higher than the specified maximum oil level. 2. When refueling, the deconstruction of the fuel tank is the first consideration. The partition in the traditional fuel tank may not completely deposit the stolen goods inside. A vertical partition should be installed on the longitudinal axis of the fuel tank so that one side of the partition and A certain space is left in the middle of the end plate of the fuel tank to allow the space to pass through. 3. There is also the size of the fuel tank volume. Taitong construction lift reminds everyone to take about 2 times the maximum flow rate of general portable equipment. 4. Choose suitable hydraulic oil when filling hydraulic oil for hydraulic lifting cage platform, and it is strictly forbidden to mix impurities into the hydraulic oil, because this will easily lead to blockage of the oil cylinder and paralyze the hydraulic system. Summary: We must do a good job in daily maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic construction lift.
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