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What are the product characteristics of the guide rail lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-06-19
What are the characteristics of the guide rail lifting platform: The manufacturer of the lifting cage platform analyzes the following for you: 1. The guide rail lifting platform uses a hydraulic cylinder to directly construction lift the load platform to the specified position with a lifting chain. It has the function of a hydraulic elevator and can be used Single hydraulic cylinder or double hydraulic cylinder, hoisting frame, cargo platform and guide rail are positioned in all directions through guide wheels to ensure the stability of the loading platform. 2. The guide rail lifting platform is suitable for places where it is impossible to dig a pit or where it is not suitable to dig a deep pit as a cargo elevator to lift goods. It has the characteristics of stable lifting, fast speed, long service life, easy maintenance, and no machine room. It is the best product to replace elevators in low-rise buildings and workshops. 3. As an important part of cargo lifting, the lifting platform plays an irreplaceable role in the development of my country’s industry. From household appliances to automobiles and airplanes, from production tools to construction machinery, it is required in almost all lifting cage, loading and unloading tasks. The use of lifting platforms. A wide range of demand has driven the development of the lifting cage platform market, and has also enriched the manufacturing varieties of lifting platforms.
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