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What are the quality requirements for widow cleaning suspended platform material processing?

What are the quality requirements for widow cleaning suspended platform material processing?


The raw material of window cleaning suspended platform should meet specifications, and qualified. Material for pivotal accessories should be strictly incoming inspected. The grooves, cracks and other defects should be flatted , and visible surface have primer and finishing coat.

 Widow cleaning suspended platform material quality requirements

All components and accessories which are manufactured or purchased must be qualified by the Quality Inception Department. Casting surface of the scaffolding suspended platform should be smooth and flat without crack, fold, scab and other defects, also should comply with the design and technical requirements.

No rust and cracks on machined surface. No weld up once defects exist on processing surface or nonproductive surface. No cracks and other serious defects on heated spare parts’ surface. 

suspended platform

Stability analysis of window cleaning suspended platform

Pressure stability is one of the main performance of window cleaning suspended platform. It refers to the sudden buckling under the action of press load or displacement load, window cleaning suspended platform loses efficiency. It is important to analyze the stability of window cleaning suspended platform by finite element method.

The instability is a transient phenomenon, before instability, small displacement and strain generated, after instability, it become larger. There are two methods to solve the problem, the first is according to eigenvalue, another is judging by tracking path, obtaining structural changes, stress and load distribution before and after instability.

The column instability is similar to rod stability, deviation of the central axis. Set up half entity model When building the finite element model, according to actual condition, the left of window cleaning suspended platform is fixed, the right side is constrained by axial displacement, the internal cavity proportion is applied with pressure, and the symmetric surface is subjected to constraints. When the internal pressure was applied to 7.2mpa, the suspended platform's central axis barely shifted and the column instability did not occur. When the internal pressure is applied to 7.3mpa, the suspended platform starts to lose stability. When the internal pressure is applied to 8MPa, obvious buckling occurs.

How to choose hoist suspended platform motor 

Hoist motor uses a unique turbine rod design which contains motor, brakes, reducer, and rope pressing device etc. When suspended platform rises or falls, the hoist does not roll or release wire rope. Power comes from friction between rope wheel and wire rope.

As a building maintenance suspended platform hoist, its motor block torque is not less than 180% of the rated torque. It should have good rope wearing performance and should not get stuck or blocked. All rotating exposed parts should be provided with a hood or protective device. The brake must be suspended with a rated load of 125% and stop running within a slip distance of no more than 100mm.

The hoist and its accessory is important component of window cleaning suspended platform. There are two types, one is driven by electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor, after secondary deceleration drive wire rope conveyor so that working suspended platform move up and down, another is also three-phase disc motor driven by electromagnetic braking, when deceleration, coaxial transmission drives wire rope working to move suspended platform up and down.

The installation and adjustment of suspended platform components

Electric suspended platform are widely used in high-rising building construction, so we know its high performance. However, only do the best on installation and adjustment can show the best performance of working suspended platform.

First, we need to erect suspension system on roof, and put safety lock on the proper position of safety rope. Then hanging two main ropes and two strong safety ropes at front of outrigger . After the main ropes pass through the main rope hole on the side of the hanging basket, then the hand-pulling pulley is put on the main rope, and then the hook of the hand-pulling pulley is connected with the hanging basket in a straight way, and the forward bar of the lifting basket pulley is pulled to make the suspended platform off the ground.

The second step, rise and fall the suspended platform for 3 times, check hoists if they are function well. Then move the assembled suspended platform to the ground below the outrigger and pay attention to the safety rope hole should be on the outside of the basket side.The safety lock is connected with the hanging basket through the rope buckle. After the safety rope passes through the safety lock hole of the suspended platform, the weight should be balanced at a certain distance from the ground. After that, again rise and fall the working suspended platform for 3 times, re-check the hoists and safety locks, insure the security and stability, reduce the faults.

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