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What are the requirements for the hydraulic system technology of the hydraulic lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-09-12
First, for high-altitude operation machinery operated by hydraulic lifting cage platform in a transmission mode, an oil filter or other device to prevent oil contamination should be installed in the system, and the hydraulic oil selected should meet the corresponding quality standards. Second, the pipelines of the hydraulic system should be arranged neatly and reasonably, and the connections should be tight and firm. The minimum rupture strength of all hoses and hard pipes should not be less than 3 times the design pressure of the system. The system transmission should be stable, and there should be no abnormal noise caused by vibration and suction. Third, the set pressure of the safety relief valve or other overload and impact prevention devices in the hydraulic system shall not be greater than 100% of the rated working pressure of the system, and the rated working pressure of the system shall not be greater than the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump. Fourth, the hydraulic system should be equipped with corresponding protective measures to prevent the hydraulically driven outriggers or stabilizers from retracting and the hydraulic cylinder and working mechanism from sliding down due to their own weight and overspeeding when the hydraulic circuit has pipeline rupture or leakage. Falling, crashing. More exciting content recommendation: What are the technical requirements for the electrical system of the aerial work platform?
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