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What are the rules for the safe use of cargo elevators for lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-06-22
freight elevator is an aerial work platform, a powerful lifting platform platform for transferring goods between floors. It is widely used in material storage places such as supermarkets, warehouses, and workshops. It is a kind of hydraulic equipment installed on-site. Elevating freight elevators, whether in production, installation, or use, must be considered for safety. Therefore, the design is based on the principle of safety, and the materials used must not be sloppy. In order to reduce costs, some companies keep the price very low to facilitate ordering. However, the quality is very poor. When purchasing, the user must consider this point, that is, try to buy a good quality, don't buy a lame donkey at a low price, just use it, causing unnecessary trouble. During installation, it is also a very critical step. The guide rail must be vertical, and the four corners must be rectangular, not oblique, so that it will be stable during operation, and the guide rail will not tilt or swing back and forth. The welding points must be welded firmly to avoid desoldering during operation. The frame must be firm. The fixed beam and the back plate of the guide rail must be welded by people, so that the guide rail can be fixed, so that the guide rail will not move after a period of use. Shape, causing trouble to use. When using the construction lift freight elevator, it is strictly forbidden to operate by unfamiliar people, and the operating procedures must be memorized. It is strictly forbidden to carry people, overload, partial load, etc. When lifting cage the freight elevator, it is strictly forbidden to have people under the platform of the lifting platform, so as to avoid incidents of crushing people. In use, once there is a problem, stop in time, find professional personnel for repair, or consult professional personnel for rectification and repair, and never work 'with illness'.
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