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What are the rules for the use of high-altitude operating vehicles

by:Powerston     2021-08-28
The operating procedures of the hydraulic lifting platform of the aerial work platform: Before daily use, it is necessary to check whether the aerial work truck is properly maintained. Before operation, you must make sure that the aerial vehicle is parked on a solid ground. Make sure that the handbrake is turned on and all necessary accessories Must be in place (such as tire pads, safety signs, etc.). The legs must be supported on a solid ground to ensure stability. If you have to work on a slope (maximum 5°), you must fully extend your legs and work on the high side. Up , Get off the vehicle or work bucket must use the provided ladder, foot or stop. The operator of the work bucket must wear the protective device specified by the safety code and tie it to the safety anchor. The protective equipment used by the operator must comply with the work Requirements, must meet safety standards. On rotating, lifting cage arms and other operating equipment, it must be confirmed that there is no traffic nuisance, no obstruction or interference from high-pressure pipelines. Pedestrians must be kept away from elevated vehicles and a certain distance from the work area. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the heavy arm. The control valve handle must be operated slowly to achieve a smooth movement, prevent sudden start or stop, and prevent solid objects from contacting the arm and working, such as tree branches, buildings, etc.
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