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What are the safe operating procedures for the cargo lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-07-15
What are the safe operation procedures of the enterprise freight platform? The explanation is as follows:   1. The boarding bridge is used for bridge equipment between forklifts and trucks to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. Maximum dynamic load: 6T, maximum static load: 6T, maximum width: 2M, maximum length: 4M. There are many categories, generally divided into mobile docking bridges and fixed docking bridges. Conventional: solid tires with a length of 11M and a width of 2.1M. platforms must be specially used, maintained and licensed.   After the lifting platform is completed, the holder must fall on the base, and the power supply will automatically supply power. platform is a kind of lifting machinery that vertically transports people or objects. It also refers to the equipment for vertical transportation in logistics systems such as factories and automatic warehouses. The lifting platform is often equipped with a variety of flat transportation equipment as a connecting device for conveyor lines of different heights. It is generally driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to transporting goods at different heights, it is widely used in high-altitude installation and maintenance operations.   The lifting platform is severely inclined. The transported goods should be balanced, should not be too eccentric, close to the cage door, and appropriate anti-movement measures should be taken to prevent the goods from sliding during movement.   It is strictly forbidden to construction lift over-long objects and explosives, explosives and other dangerous goods on the lifting cage platform.    The lifting platform room shall not be wet, and fireworks and sundries are prohibited. The hydraulic lifting platform is driven by steel wire ropes and is mostly used to transport goods. It is composed of tower, hanging basket, hoist, etc. The tower is generally a truss structure, which is pulled by cables to keep it upright. The hanging basket is welded with section steel and is a container for loading goods. The hoist is fixed on the ground, the wire rope is connected to the gondola through the pulley on the top of the tower, and the gondola is pulled to run up and down, and the operator controls it on the ground.  6, illegal maintenance is prohibited.  7, the landing door and cage door are open and should be closed. Otherwise, the door lock and level safety device will not work.  In the course of use, if you find abnormal sounds or bad phenomena, you should stop using it immediately, find out the reason, eliminate the fault, and strictly prohibit the fault operation.   When opening the floor door manually during maintenance, care should be taken to find the cage to prevent it from falling into the hoistway.  10 The operating direction of the lifting platform must not be changed at will during use.
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