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What are the safe operation requirements of the small scissor truck user when using the rail-type lifting cargo lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-09-29
Rail-type lifting cage cargo lifting cage platform (for automobiles) is mainly used for high-altitude transportation between automobile floors. It is modified on the basis of a double-cylinder double-arm rail-type lifting cargo lifting platform. Its driving principle and structure are roughly the same. The load weight is generally about 3-5 tons, and the height is within 1-16 meters. Indoor and outdoor It can be installed and has a high lifting height. Both sides are equipped with side-mounted oil cylinders, which have a more stable structure, low noise, convenient maintenance and longer service life. What are the safe operation requirements of small scissor truck users when using the rail-type lifting cargo lifting platform? Next, we will learn more about it. 1. The scissor truck must be placed on a solid and level ground to prevent it from tipping over during work. 2. Work in accordance with the load specified on the nameplate, and overload use is strictly prohibited. In emergency situations, a short-term overload of up to 10% is allowed. 3. As far as possible, distribute the heavy objects evenly in the center of the table. Under special circumstances, eccentric load is allowed: the longitudinal eccentric load shall not exceed 1/2 of the rated load, and the lateral eccentric load shall not exceed 1/3 of the rated load. The eccentric load must be about 300 mm away from the edge of the table. 4. Materials that are easy to roll, such as pipes, must be blocked or bundled properly. 5. It is strictly forbidden to carry people on the lifting platform without manned protection. The lifting platform used for carrying people is equipped with railings and anti-cracking valves. The anti-cracking valve can prevent accidents in which the oil pipe ruptures and causes the workbench to fall out of control. 6. When the scissor truck is lowered, do not place any objects on the scissor structure cylinder to prevent hands, feet and clothes from being squeezed by the hydraulic tubing. 7. Press the 'up' or 'down' button to raise and lower the workbench. If the workbench does not move, it should be shut down immediately for inspection. 8. If the lifting platform cannot be raised and the overflow valve screams, it should be shut down immediately for inspection. Otherwise, the oil pump will overheat quickly and suffer serious damage. The overflow valve is used to protect the safety of the machine and the operator, and should not be adjusted arbitrarily. 9. Only when the workbench stops moving, can the heavy objects be unloaded. More exciting content recommendation: 'Internet +' has become the new normal of industrial development
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