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What are the safety devices of the electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-09
Electric lifting platform is a kind of multi-functional lifting cage and loading and unloading mechanical equipment, electric lifting platform lifting system, which is driven by hydraulic pressure. The shear fork mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have higher stability. The large working platform and higher load-bearing capacity make the range of high-altitude operation larger and suitable for simultaneous operation of multiple people. It makes high-altitude operations more efficient and safer. The production of electric lifting platform adopts heavy-duty design, using 380V/50HZ AC power supply, and adopts imported high-quality pumping station to ensure stable lifting cage of goods. Its domestic manufacturer Baixibaidi has complete production equipment and adopts the design of electric lifting platform The anti-pinch scissor design can prevent pinching and ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment. It meets European EN1757-2 and American ANSI/ASME safety standards. With the following safety protection devices, you can work at heights safely and worry-free. 1. Brake. Control the hoisting machine part to activate the restraining brake. 2. Limit switch. The assembly that restricts the car from driving to the highest position or the lowest position cannot be used for operation; 3. Overtravel switch. When the car reaches the highest position or the lowest position. The car will be responsible for ascending or descending. In order to prevent the car from rushing to the top or sinking to the bottom, the overtravel switch that can cut off the power supply and cannot be automatically reset should be disassembled and installed in the machine room instead of in the hoistway; a buffer that can receive the energy of the action mechanism and reduce the impact should be installed . At the same time, in order to increase the energy of the construction lift car top or bottom sink. Remove the rubber or sponge where the buffer touches the car to increase its impact energy; the rope groove slips and causes the car to fall suddenly. 4. Safety tongs. In order to prevent the wire rope from breaking due to heavy lifting. The safety clamp that can cut off the control power supply and stop the car from falling should be disassembled on the car. Cars without safety tongs are not allowed to take or lead people. If it is a simple elevator, there should be a safety device (safety stop pin, etc.) that prevents the car from suddenly falling when loading and unloading goods in the car; where there are three or more floors (including three floors) for passengers or people in the elevator. 5. Speed u200bu200blimiter. In order to prevent the driving speed from exceeding the normal speed. The speed controller should be installed (below the second floor (including the second floor), or not). This individual mechanism is integrated with the safety clamp; the entrance and exit of the passenger compartment should be equipped with safety doors. Lifts used in public places, family dormitories, and places with inflammable and explosive materials. 6. Insurance door. In order to prevent personnel heads, hands, and feet sticking out of the shaft and objects falling down the shaft. The vertical door should be closed, the car should be full, and the hoistway (hall door) should not be less than 1.8 meters high; the door electric switch should be removed on the vertical door and the carriage door. 7. The door electric switch. In order to prevent accidents caused by the unclosed vertical doors, carriage doors, and car top doors. ; Door interlocking should be installed on the vertical door and the carriage door (more than two doors). 8. Door interlocking. In order to prevent accidents when someone moves the vertical door and the passenger compartment door, or extends their head, hands, and feet. The metal structure of the elevator is electrified and an electric shock occurs. 9. Fuse grounding device. In order to prevent damage to electrical equipment. The metal shell of the electrical equipment and the metal structure of the elevator should be equipped with a safety grounding device. The grounding wire controls the multi-stranded wire. The neutral wire cannot be used as a safety grounding wire. The grounding resistance is not more than 4 ohms; the elevator control can be cut off. power supply. 10. Speed u200bu200blimit wire rope switch. When the speed-limiting wire rope trips or breaks. The elevator cannot be operated; in short, the safety configuration of the elevator or the dual-use construction elevator must meet the above factors, so as to ensure the safety of people and goods during the construction process.
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