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What are the safety protection measures for mobile electric lifts

by:Powerston     2021-05-27
A qualified mobile electric elevator must have reliable and good safety protection measures in the design and manufacturing process: (1) It should be tested and identified by the national authority. (2) Design and manufacture a variety of safety protection devices for mobile elevators. (3) Choose safe and reliable raw materials and processing methods. (4) Apply test methods to carry out load and 125% overload tests to meet the requirements of the national standards for mobile lifts. (5) The steel wire ropes, chains and connecting ends of the mobile elevator shall have sufficient safety factors, and the necessary damage tests shall be carried out. After long-term research and exploration, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the manufacture of elevators, aerial work platforms, rail elevators, and boarding bridges. We are committed to product development and innovation, and create high-quality products with our own professional expertise.
The four-step operation of the mobile boarding bridge saves worry and effort
The four steps for the operation of the mobile boarding bridge are as follows: 1. Adjust the height of the mobile construction lift with a manual pump so that the height of the lift exceeds the floor of the truck bed by 100-150mm, and then reverse the car to a certain position. 2. Firmly hook the iron chain on the mobile elevator to the truck. 3. Install the brake pads. 4. Open the manual valve and press the lip of the mobile lift and mobile boarding bridge onto the floor of the carriage. (Please open the manual valve for use, and do not close the valve for use, otherwise the equipment will be damaged).
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