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What are the tower crane installation management systems

by:Powerston     2021-04-14
In recent years, various provinces and cities across the country have experienced several consecutive tower collapse accidents. In particular, the safety problems caused by the quality of the tower crane itself are worrying. The quality of the construction personnel of the tower crane installation and removal construction team is poor, and the construction management is not in place. Poor consciousness is a very important reason, and the phenomena of illegal operation, blind and reckless installation, jacking, use, and dismantling still occur from time to time. Today we will take a look at the tower crane installation management system. 1. Strictly implement the registration and filing system for tower cranes. Vertical transportation equipment such as tower cranes that the construction unit already owns or newly purchased should be reported to the safety supervision department for registration as soon as possible. It is strictly forbidden to install and use tower cranes without production licenses, product certificates, shoddy manufacturing, and low quality at the construction site. Tower cranes without registration and filing shall not be used at the construction site. 2. Strictly implement the annual technical inspection and inspection system for tower construction hoists. Vertical transportation equipment such as tower cranes must be inspected and inspected every year and after each new installation, which shall be carried out by a qualified unit. Tower cranes that fail to pass the inspection must be shut down for rectification, and can only be used again after passing the inspection. The tower crane is prohibited from running with failures or hidden dangers. Tower construction hoists that have been in service for more than eight years, are overhauled and delivered from the factory, and whose steel structure has been damaged and repaired must be approved for use only after they have passed the technical appraisal of the relevant departments. 3. The assembly and disassembly operations of tower cranes must be carried out by a qualified team, and there must be a relatively fixed management organization and disassembly and assembly operations personnel. Special operations personnel engaged in disassembly and assembly operations and equipment operations must hold an operation certificate and a safety certificate , It is forbidden for teams without equipment dismantling and unlicensed personnel to engage in the disassembly and assembly of tower cranes and equipment operations. During the installation operation, the relevant personnel should be informed about the safety technology first, and the command should be unified. Cooperative operation, illegal command, illegal operation, risky and brutal action are prohibited. 4. Before tower crane installation (including jacking plus section) and disassembly, a scientific, detailed and feasible construction plan should be formulated according to the tower crane's own characteristics and on-site operating conditions, including: preparation basis, staffing, lifting machinery And rigging equipment, foundation and attached wall design (with plan and elevation), ground anchor and embedded parts setting, installation steps, jacking and joint procedures, safety protection measures, etc., if necessary, increase the jacking process during the jacking process. The specific requirements for the balance between the heavy arm and the balance arm are reliable measures for prohibiting rotation. The construction plan can be strictly implemented after being approved by the relevant departments. 5. After the tower crane is installed, it must be commissioned and accepted on site before it can be put into use. The acceptance of tower cranes is carried out jointly by the equipment department of the construction unit, the safety department, the assembly and disassembly team, and the engineering project, and the inspection and acceptance visa shall be checked and accepted in strict accordance with the contents of the acceptance form. At the same time, technical inspections, no-load tests, and load tests should be carried out to ensure the safe use of the tower crane. Strict acceptance must also be carried out after each wall attachment, jacking and jointing, to ensure the reliability of the wall attachment and the verticality of the tower. 6. Establish a complete equipment management system, equipment repair and maintenance system, operation and maintenance registration and statistics system, and equipment scrap system. For tower construction hoists that have been put into construction work, the pre-shift inspection, safe operation, regular and irregular maintenance, and special safety inspections of the tower crane shall be strictly carried out, and the inspection and repair work before the installation of the tower crane shall be carried out, especially for the steel The three major mechanisms of structure, lifting, luffing, and slewing, as well as hydraulic jacking system, torque, weight limiter, steel wire rope, pulley, sling and other key and vital parts are inspected to ensure that the tower crane has good performance without failure or failure. Keep potential safety hazards for construction operations. 7. Implement the post responsibility system of 'fixing personnel, fixing aircraft, and fixing posts' centered on the captain responsibility system, and the names of relevant personnel should be indicated on the tower crane sign. Drivers and commanders shall be specially trained to obtain operation certificates and safety post certificates to ensure that the tower crane is in operation with accurate signals and command in place. Strictly implement the safe technical operation regulations of tower cranes and the principle of 'ten no cranesThe above is the introduction of the tower crane installation management system. If necessary, please contact Hoisting Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.!
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