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What are the varieties of lifting platform machinery and equipment

by:Powerston     2021-06-25
platform equipment is a widely used aerial work platform vehicle, generally suitable for factories, enterprises, hotels, supermarkets and other places. The use of the lifting platform can greatly improve the work efficiency and facilitate the handling and loading of goods. With the further advancement of China’s One Belt One Road policy, many Chinese companies have gone abroad and entered the world, contributing to the realization of the Chinese dream, and contributing the strength of every Chinese person. At the same time, it has also created opportunities for the integration of the world and made China prosperous and strong. Prospered the world. The development of lifting platform machinery equipment has made the handling of goods in all walks of life more convenient and faster. According to different working conditions, various lifting platforms and lifting platforms are designed. There are mobile lifting cage platforms, aluminum alloy lifting cage platforms, curved arm lifting platforms and other lifting platforms used for maintenance, installation, and cleaning. There are also rail-type lifting platforms used to transfer goods up and down between floors, such as lifting cage freight elevators, vegetable conveyors, etc. There are also household lifting platforms such as household elevators and villa elevators for families, as well as lifting work platforms for factory assembly lines, lifting stages for theater studios, fixed boarding bridges and mobile boarding bridges used in the logistics industry And other logistics equipment, all these lifting platform machinery equipment are driven by hydraulic pressure, so they are called hydraulic lifting platforms. The control of the hydraulic lifting platform is generally controlled by the control box. The voltage used is 220v/380v, whichever is fine, but if the load is relatively large, it is still mainly 380v, and some use batteries and diesel engines. Yes, these are configured according to requirements.
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