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What are the vulnerable parts of the electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-10
The electric lifting platform is a multifunctional lifting loading and unloading mechanical equipment, and the electric lifting platform is a hydraulically driven lifting system. The mechanical structure of the scissor fork gives the lifting platform a high stability, a wide operating platform and a high load-bearing capacity, thereby expanding the range of high-altitude operations and allowing multiple people to work at the same time. Make aviation work more efficient and safer. What are the vulnerable parts of the electric lifting platform? First, the diversification of the electric lifting platform. In the process of social development and change, the demand for electric elevators is also undergoing new changes. The number of companies with individual needs is gradually increasing, in order to meet the needs of electric elevators They also appear in the following markets: various types of electric lifts, such as lifts, extended electric lifts, large-tonnage electric lifts, scissor electric lifts, electronic scales, electric lifts, etc., continue to meet market demand. The products are different, but the wearing parts remain the same. The specific wearing parts include: fragile parts (1) The hydraulic oil cylinder The oil cylinder plays an important role in the lifting process of the entire lifting platform, and is also used to realize the product Rise and fall. Therefore, if the fork cannot be lowered or raised, the main reasons and solutions for this problem are: (2) The motor is a key part of any electric lifting platform. Once the motor fails, no matter how good the electric lifting cage platform is, other The parts are very good, it is impossible to run without damage. The motor consists of many parts, the largest part of which is the dust seal, O-ring, steel ball and other accessories. The simplest and fastest solution to wear and damage is to replace these parts. (3) Oil seal parts The oil seal is the key component between the piston rod and the sealed cylinder, and is usually equipped with imported sealing rings. Mainly excellent sealing performance, abrasion resistance and long service life. In the oil seal, 70% of the oil leakage in the oil cylinder occurs in the oil seal. If oil leakage is found in the oil cylinder, please check the time.
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