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What are the welding procedures of the electric lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-07-17
What are the welding procedures of the electric lifting cage platform? Electric lifting platform is a very common means of transportation in high-altitude operations. Its power source can be AC, DC or manual, and its load capacity and safety are greatly improved. The assembly welding process of electric lifting platform is very important to its service life and safety. , The editor will share with you what are the welding procedures of the electric lifting cage platform? The electric lifting platform has a wide range of applications, and can be used in places such as street lamp maintenance, workshop production, shopping mall decoration, etc. The standard joint assembly welding mold is horizontal, and the two support plates at both ends of the mold can be rotated for easy operation during welding. The welding and installation of the column, frame, guide rail and rack of the standard section of the electric lifting platform can be completed on this welding mold. The electric lifting platform has the following six steps in the assembly welding process: ① Position the cylindrical holes at both ends of the column tube and the end surface, clamp the 4 columns, and clamp them through the tightening screws. ②Use the auxiliary card board to determine the position of the box, and spot weld the three boxes with the web and the column respectively. ③Spot welding the guide rail, insert the processed electric lifting platform angle steel into the groove of the guide rail positioning shaft, and clamp the guide rail and the frame with the top screw for spot welding. ④Install the rack. Fasten the pad and the rack with bolts in advance, fix the rack on the rack positioning pin shaft through the pin holes at both ends of the rack, clamp it with the top tightening screw, and then spot weld the pads fastened to the rack On the box. ⑤After checking that the dimensions of the electric lifting platform are correct, weld each part. ⑥ After the standard joint welding is completed, loosen the top tightening screws and push out the clamping device to the right to construction lift the standard joint away from the welding mold. Summary: The electric lifting platform will undergo strict inspections before leaving the factory, such as: pressure test and height test, but sometimes there are shortcomings, such as deflection of the table surface, loud noise during operation, etc. Therefore, customers should In addition to the inspection of the physical properties of the electric lifting platform, the welding degree must be observed and inspected to avoid affecting the use effect.
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