Concentrate on quality of the construction hoist and suspended platform, never forget original intention!

What are top selling products in Powerston?
Mast climber scaffold is highly rated by users. It is designed to meet a variety of requirements. You can talk to a salesperson to find out what you like. The product has been widely promoted in several foreign countries and regions. Every year, a lot of investment in growth and modification is made. Currently, we carry out our own promotional activities. We want to meet all market needs and provide customized services.

Wuxi Powerston Technology Co.,Ltd, with good reputation and image, is widely believed as one of the leading lifting cage manufacturers in China. The suspended working platform series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. construction hoist outshine other similar products with its lifting cage design. Its frequency conversion drive is efficient and uses less power. The product is of good quality and excellent performance. Constructed with heavy-duty materials, the product is strong and robust.

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