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What customs declaration procedures are required for export lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-08-11
What customs declaration procedures should the export lifting platform handle? The range of use of the lifting cage platform is very wide. There are many customers who come to order here, and there are also foreign customers. Today, I will tell you some procedures for the export declaration of the lifting platform: 1. Export The customs declaration lifting platform enterprise shall have the registration and record with the local customs, inspection and quarantine bureau, the right to import and export operation and the qualification for inspection. 2. Documents required for export declaration: 1. The exporter shall prepare the documents required by the customs and declare to the customs 24 hours before the goods are shipped to the customs supervision area. 2. Necessary documents: one copy of list, invoice, contract, verification form, customs declaration letter of attorney, shipping company’s loading list and other documents. 3. All documents required by customs regulations. (Such as customs clearance, export license, etc.) 4. If there is an export manual, a manual must be provided for customs declaration. 3. Documents required for export inspection: 1. The exporter shall prepare the required documents for export of the lifting platform three days before the customs declaration, and declare to the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The documents provided are: one copy of invoice, contract, power of attorney for inspection declaration, factory inspection form, carton packing list, etc. 2. When exporting the lifting cage platform to the United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union, etc., where the outer packaging is made of wood and needs to be fumigated or heat-treated, the documents provided by the exporter include: list, invoice, contract, and power of attorney for inspection. If the fumigation product is a wood product, a factory inspection form is also required. 3. For products that are fumigated or heat-treated in the outer box of the lifting cage platform, the exporter should deliver the goods to the designated storage yard or port area for fumigation two days before customs declaration. (The fumigation time takes 24 hours.) Fourth, the export declaration formally declares to the customs. If export taxes and fees are required, the taxes and fees shall be paid in time. 5. The customs on-site review of the documents is over. After the cargo documents are released, the owner shall transport the lifting platform to the customs supervision area for inspection and release within the time specified by the customs. If inspection is required, the customs broker should contact the customs in time to carry out cargo inspection. After inspection, the designated lead seal shall be sealed by the shipping company. If there is no need for inspection, the physical cargo should be released in time, and the shipping list should be sent to the port area for loading according to the customs cut-off time. 6. When the lifting platform is exported, the shipping company will send the export manifest data to the customs. After the customs receives the data, the customs broker will print out the tax refund verification sheet at the customs in time after the customs data is cleared. 7. The exporter shall pay customs declaration and inspection fees in time.
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