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What factors affect the lifting speed of the lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-06-18
platform, also called lifting platform, is a big category. The common feature is that the power unit provides power to drive the hydraulic system to construction lift the lifting platform and complete the work function. There are many types of lifting platforms, including mobile lifting platforms, fixed lifting platforms, rail-type freight elevators, aluminum alloy lifting cage platforms, stages, docking bridges and other hydraulic machinery. The editor tells everyone that no matter what kind of lifting platform equipment, the reasons that affect the lifting speed are generally the following four: 1. It is the adjustment of the power unit. The power unit has four adjustment knobs, which can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the motor and The electro-hydraulic control valve adjusts the flow of hydraulic oil to adjust the speed of lifting. However, the mediation has been completed before the equipment leaves the factory. During the use process, non-professionals are not allowed to adjust privately. 2. The length of the tubing also affects the speed of lifting. In the case of meeting the installation needs, the shorter the tubing, the better. But do not artificially install the oil pipe too short, which will cause the oil pipe to be too tight and block the oil circuit, which will also affect the speed of lifting. 3. The length of the cylinder directly affects the speed of lifting. As long as the requirements are met, the cylinder should be shortened as much as possible. The shorter the size, the faster the transmission of pressure and the faster the lifting speed. 4. It is the problem of load. It is the main reason that affects the lifting. It must be within the range of the rated load, and then it must not be off-loaded or overloaded. This not only affects the lifting, but also has safety hazards.
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