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What failures will occur when the lifting platform is in use

by:Powerston     2021-10-13
, construction lift platform, cargo-lifts for aerial work provides a convenient, widely used in plant maintenance, industrial installation, equipment maintenance management, etc., and the elevator failure in use is inevitable, elevator fault occurs generally fall into two categories, namely Electrical fault and mechanical fault. Common electrical faults: the main contactor does not absorb. When a fault occurs, we can check whether the three-phase power supply is normal. The internal and external emergency stop button switches, whether the switch is turned on, whether the three-phase electrical phase sequence is correct, The sequence relay work indicator light is on. The motor is difficult to start, and the sound is abnormal. Due to overload, insufficient power supply, and the cable section of the power supply cable is too small, the starting voltage drop is too large. The lifting cage cage has a self-stop phenomenon. This can easily cause unsafe After the above electrical failures, the mechanical failure. The table is unstable. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, such as excessive load and instability of the support rod. Severe partial load; hydraulic oil impurities. Based on the above reasons, we can Reduce the load, adjust the load center, and replace the hydraulic fluid to solve this problem. oil spills. This is a common fault. Due to loose or damaged joints, the sealing ring may leak oil. Therefore, you can install leaking joints or replace Damaged sealing ring to solve the problem. The watch slips. Because the shut-off valve is not tight, the oil leakage in the oil pipe or the valve connection can cause this phenomenon. Due to the above reasons, it is possible to tighten the shut-off valve. Tighten or replace the sealing ring to solve these problems.
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