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What insurance equipment should the construction lifting platform have

by:Powerston     2021-09-17
According to national regulations, what kind of equipment can be qualified? The cage of the lifting platform can stop lifting cage in time. Braking. Braking of the brake part of the lifting cage brake. Limit switch. Limit the car to a higher or lower position so as to be able to Operating assembly. The cage is in a higher or lower position. It will rise or fall. In order to prevent the top or bottom of the cage, remove the power limit instead of automatic reset, and install it in the machine room, but not on the shaft, it should Equipped with a buffer to receive the energy of movement and reduce the impact. In addition, in order to increase the energy of the cage or the sink, remove the rubber or sponge from the contact of the cage to increase its impact energy; the sliding of the rope groove makes the cage fall suddenly. Insurance Clamps. In order to prevent wire rope hoisting failures. The safety clamps that can be removed at the same time, cut off the power to prevent the car from falling. Cars without safety clamps cannot be carried by people or people. If such a simple lifting cage platform, it should be prepared for the safety of the car , When the car suddenly fell into the cage.
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