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What is going on when the lifting platform is out of control when it is used

by:Powerston     2021-06-29
We all know that the lifting platform can be used to effectively construction lift the goods. Just imagine what the consequences will be if the equipment is out of control during this process. I can hardly imagine it. Of course, this situation is not uncommon. In order to avoid this risk, it is necessary to fully grasp the reasons that cause the lifting cage platform to lose control, so as to take corresponding preventive measures. Under normal circumstances, the descending process of the lifting cage platform does not require electric power, but uses its own gravity to descend, so usually only need to press the descending button to descend. If it is out of control, first check whether the external power supply is connected normally, and the device cannot rise without power. Next, check whether the electrical switch is connected or has poor contact. If everything is in order, the electrical system can be ruled out. Then it is possible that the solenoid valve is stuck and the button will fail. If it is the problem of the solenoid valve, you can press the solenoid top rod to completely lower the lifting cage platform, and then clean and replace the solenoid valve. Of course, it may also be the cause of the blockage of the tubing, so the editor here also reminds users to use high-quality hydraulic oil.
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