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What is prone to failure of hydraulic elevators?

by:Powerston     2021-06-12
When we use hydraulic lifts, the most faulty is usually the fault of the hydraulic system. How to prevent the hydraulic system failure of the hydraulic construction lift? The machinery will tell you about the following related matters: Under normal circumstances, we first look at the structure of the equipment hydraulic system itself. Due to the complex structure and numerous pipelines, there are several hoses that are tens of meters long. The manufacturer’s machinery works hydraulically. The lifting cage mechanism moves, and the high-pressure hose repeatedly flexes, which is prone to fatigue and fracture. Large changes in the load of the equipment will produce hydraulic pulsation in the hydraulic system. When the pulsating pressure reaches a certain value, the high-pressure hose will be damaged. Secondly, a certain component in the hydraulic system assembly fails during operation, which will cause the system to fail and be forced to stop. In the course of many years of use, we should understand the use of hydraulic lifts and the points of failure. Based on the above analysis, in the design of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic construction lift, some specific technical requirements are put forward. In view of the failure of the hydraulic system, since the hydraulic cylinder is the dominant driving force for lifting, the hydraulic cylinder needs to move with the lifting mechanism. At this time, the hydraulic cylinder serves as both the power during lifting and the supporting member of the lift during construction. Therefore, the hydraulic cylinder and its connected pipeline play a major role in the entire safety system. Therefore, in the design, the hydraulic pipeline should use hard rubber tubing with steel mesh as much as possible, and ensure that the tubing requirements are less due to the system tubing. The possibility of hydraulic system failure due to rupture and leakage. Another situation is that when the hydraulic system is normal, the system is suddenly forced to stop due to the failure of the electrical system to which the hydraulic system belongs (including the failure of the control system). In most cases, the abnormal shutdown caused by sudden power failure during normal work makes people stay in the air and cannot get down. Therefore, in daily use, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions and pay attention to maintenance and protection.
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