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What is the 'anti-roofing' system in an electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-07
The anti-roofing system is mostly used in electric lifting platforms. Its main function is to prevent the cage from rising to the last section. Normally, the electric lifting platform will actively stop when it rises to the penultimate section. So, what is this equipment? , I will introduce it to you today. 1. The mechanical anti-roofing system is actually based on the original electromagnetic anti-roofing system, making the top section of the standard section into a'safety section', that is, adding an electric lifting channel Anti-roofing safety equipment. This kind of equipment, single and double cages, does not require investment, but it is safe and practical. It can be said that the electric lifting channel will not cause roof accidents, which can be said to be a hundred. 2. Assuming that there is a roof accident, because there is no rack, ladder The cage will no longer run upwards, and because of the steel bars, the ladder cage will not be skewed. The operator can calmly block the power supply to make the ladder cage run downwards or brake, which has no effect on the original tissue and can be reset quickly. 3. In In normal use, the ladder cage of the electric lifting cage platform is usually impossible to run to the top section of the standard section. When the electric lifting platform is installed, the'safety section' can be finally installed without adding the height of the electric lifting platform. Other accessories are required, which have no effect on the original machinery of the electric lifting channel, and are used in the same way as the original. However, the electromagnetic anti-roofing system must be installed in the next section of the'Safety Festival'. Recommended reading: Why is the aerial work platform rental industry developing rapidly ? 4. The anti-roofing system in the electric lifting platform can not only avoid equipment damage, but also protect the safety of construction personnel and reduce the existence of hidden safety hazards. Therefore, the occurrence of the anti-roofing system is an excellent improvement of the electric lifting cage platform. Summary: Follow the technology With the development of the electric lifting platform, the operation and safety of the electric lifting platform will tend to be perfect. The device of the anti-roof system will make the operation function more perfect. During the construction process, it will not only be a good helper for humans, but also become a beautiful construction site. landscape.
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