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What is the cause of the loud noise of the electric elevator?

by:Powerston     2021-06-07
Teach you how to eliminate the noise of the electric elevator: ①Check whether the parts are tight before using the lifting cage platform; ②The worm gear box should be filled with standard and sufficient lubricating oil to ensure good lubrication of the worm gear and worm pair; ③driving device The inner bearing of the middle roller is well lubricated, and a complete lubricating grease film surface is maintained between the arc surface of the roller and the main chord of the lifting platform. A good lubricating grease film surface has the functions of reducing wear and noise; ④The motor shaft and the worm shaft in the driving device The coaxiality should be less than 0.1mm, and the shaft end should have a gap of 2mm to ensure that the motor bearing can bear a reasonable load and reduce motor running noise; the motor brake stop bearing should be kept intact; ⑤Various vibration isolation and buffering in the driving device of each part of the lifting platform The rubber is intact and fits tightly; ⑥The elastic body in the lateral adjustment device of the drive plate should be in a compressed state, so that the gear has a certain radial constraint, and ensure that the gear and rack are always in good mesh during the full operation; ⑦Check the oil cylinder and oil pipe , Motor and other components are well-sealed, whether there is air leakage; Summary: When the elevator is working, the noise is small, and the noise is abnormal. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in troubleshooting, find the cause in time, reduce noise pollution, and reduce The occurrence of dangerous accidents. Since its establishment, after long-term research and exploration of hydraulic lifts and lifting platforms, it has accumulated rich professional manufacturing technology and valuable experience. With a wealth of professional technology and continuous pioneering and innovative spirit, we are committed to product development and innovation, and create high-quality products with our own professional expertise. The company adheres to the tenet of 'Quality First, Customer First' and strives for perfection. It meets the needs of our customers with first-class product quality and excellent after-sales service. With the tenet of honesty, innovation, high efficiency and high quality, with the business philosophy of excellent quality and first-class service, we will welcome the development of the market. Safety, reliability, and practicality are our consistent pursuit, and the lifting cage equipment is worry-free, rest assured, and more secure! Integrity management and quality first are our tenet. We will provide you with the most assured products and the best service at the most favorable price! Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit! Warmly welcome your call! For more details, please consult the 24-hour service hotline: 18663772808 Manager Zhu
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