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What is the correct definition of a hydraulic cargo lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-07
Most models use one-way cylinders. When going up, the vane pump delivers high-pressure oil through a series of control valves and pipelines to the lower part of the cylinder, pushing the cylinder up and agitating the platform to construction lift; when landing, the vane pump stops and the control valve opens to drain the oil. In the circuit, the platform slowly descends under its own weight, and the hydraulic oil in the cylinder is squeezed out to drain. Skill function overflow valve, in order to avoid the system pressure is too high when moving up; emergency manual valve, when the power supply fails, it can make the car drop to the nearest floor position in an emergency, open the hall and car door, so that passengers can get out of the car safely Or move the goods out safely. Manual pump, when there is a problem in the system, it can control the manual pump to pump high-pressure oil to make the car go up to the nearest floor position; the pipeline split valve, when the hydraulic system pipeline splits and the car stalls and falls, it can automatically cut off the oil circuit; Fuel tank oil temperature protection. When the oil temperature in the fuel tank preempts the standard setting value, the oil temperature protection device generates a flag to stop the lifting cage platform and start the lifting platform when the oil temperature drops. Recommended reading: Double-cylinder double-arm rail-type lifting platform safety protection measures and protective tools, please pay attention to the price of hydraulic cargo lifting platform from the full house comparison: including the acquisition tuition of the hydraulic cargo lifting platform, total civil tuition, utilization and after-sales price, customer mandatory Comprehensive comparison. From the comparison of the purchase price, the hydraulic cargo lifting platform is definitely more expensive than the ordinary lifting platform, and the higher the floor and the height, the poorer the price difference between the two.
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