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What is the difference between a freight elevator and an elevator

by:Powerston     2021-06-21
Hydraulic lifting freight elevator is a kind of lifting platform, which is a lifting platform installed with guide rail perpendicular to the hoistway. It is a loading and unloading platform for cargo transfer between floors through a hydraulic system composed of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pump stations. On October 30, 2014, the state stipulated that the freight elevator is a kind of lifting work platform, which is no longer a special equipment. It is a hydraulic tool that integrates people's life and work. So how to choose a freight elevator? Hydraulic lifting freight elevator, hydraulic lifting platform freight elevator is a kind of lifting platform equipment. The hydraulic lifting freight elevator lifting system is driven by a hydraulic pump station and a hydraulic cylinder, so it is also called a hydraulic platform. Hydraulic freight elevators are used to transport goods between building floors. The special hydraulic lift freight elevator products are mainly used to transport goods up and down between the working floor, three-dimensional garage and underground garage. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic lift freight elevator product is equipped with an anti-falling and overload safety protection device. The operating buttons can be set on each floor and the workbench of the lifting platform to realize multi-point control. The main reasons why many customers choose hydraulic elevators instead of elevators are as follows: 1. The transportation location is too narrow to meet the requirements of the elevator; 2. The elevator shaft cannot be dug at the working position; 3. The elevator is expensive and difficult to maintain. The above three points are common. According to the actual situation, there are many reasons, etc. The hydraulic elevator can be installed according to the factory environment and usage requirements, and has different optional configurations, such as setting up anti-falling, upper and lower door linkage chains, etc., which can achieve better use effects. This product is mainly used in various enterprise plants. The hydraulic construction lift freight elevator has a solid structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting cage, and convenient installation and maintenance. It is an economical and practical low-floor elevator substitute ideal freight equipment.
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