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What is the most important component in the hydraulic system

by:Powerston     2021-09-08
Most of the hydraulic lifting cage platforms use hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic cylinder is the most important part of the hydraulic system. How do we determine the size of the steel cylinder? The size of the hydraulic cylinder depends on the performance of the machine, so the size and size of the hydraulic cylinder used by different hydraulic lifting platforms The length is different. The pressure of the hydraulic system cannot be changed arbitrarily. The main consideration is the shape and material issues. The higher the suppression index, the better the material and the more delicate. Otherwise, inferior materials are easy to explode. Different spaces, we can according to the company Calculation: Force u003d pressure zone, the area here is determined by the hydraulic lifting cage platform, so the pressure is generally larger. The force is calculated based on the weight of the loaded goods, and the hydraulic lifting platform evaluates your usual behavior before buying. Kilograms of cargo, or directly weighed directly to the floor scale, and then determine the choice of hydraulic cylinder. Theoretically speaking, the size of the hydraulic cylinder is of course a load. Suitable for the load and weight of the appropriate hydraulic capacity. But because they interact with each other There are also some hydraulic lifting platforms, and the number of cylinders is also related to the height of the length. The higher the lifting height, the larger the cylinder, and the greater the length.
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