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What is the scientific principle of the oil cylinder in the mobile lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-09-04
What is the scientific principle of the oil cylinder in the mobile lifting platform? The hydraulic cylinder is an important part of the mobile lifting platform responsible for supporting and falling during the up and down process. The cylinders used in the mobile lifting platform are mostly telescopic sleeve hydraulic cylinders. The telescopic sleeve hydraulic cylinders can be divided into single-acting and There are two double-acting types with the same basic principles. The structure of a common single-acting telescopic sleeve hydraulic cylinder works as follows: the hydraulic cylinder passes through the same port and uses a reversing valve to enter and drain the oil. After the working stroke pressure oil enters the hydraulic cylinder, the sleeve with the largest effective pressure area acts first. At this time, the output force of the hydraulic cylinder is the largest and the speed is the lowest. The sleeves are extended in sequence, and the sleeve with the smallest effective pressure area is extended last. At this time, the output force of the hydraulic cylinder is the smallest and the speed is the highest. This type of hydraulic cylinder relies on the self-weight return stroke of the load, starting the return stroke from the sleeve with the smallest effective piston area, and finally resetting the sleeve with the largest area. The pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump of the oil cylinder enters the single-acting telescopic sleeve through the bridge composed of a one-way valve, a three-position four-way valve, two parallel speed regulating valves and one-way valves, and two hydraulic one-way valves. The cavity of the cylinder hydraulic cylinder. In the bridge composed of the speed control valve and the one-way valve, the one-way valve group plays a role of rectification. It enables the pressure oil to always pass through the speed control valve in one direction when the hydraulic cylinder is rising and falling. Adjusting the two speed control valves separately can make the two-stage plungers move simultaneously under the action of pressure oil with different pressures. The pressure of the hydraulic system is set by the overflow valve, and the hydraulically controlled one-way valve prevents the hydraulic cylinder from automatically falling when it stops moving. If the speed control valve in the system is replaced with a proportional speed control valve, the synchronization accuracy can be greatly improved, but higher costs are required. The above is the development process of the oil cylinder in the mobile lifting platform. Technology is constantly developing and progressing. Similarly, the oil cylinder in the mobile lifting platform will be designed more perfect and reasonable in the future. Mainly produce ten series of mobile lifting platforms, fixed lifting platforms, rail-type lifting cage goods lifting platforms, aluminum alloy lifting platforms, folding arm lifting platforms, vehicle-mounted lifting cage platforms, disabled lifting cage platforms, lifting stages, lifting platforms, etc. Hydraulic lifting platform machinery products, all the company's products meet the relevant national and industry technical standards, customer satisfaction has always been our eternal pursuit. Since the establishment of the company, we have accumulated rich experience in Ru0026D and production, and we have sold lifting platforms all over the world. All the products produced by the company have the advantages of high technology content, reasonable structure, safe and stable lifting, large load capacity, simple operation, low maintenance cost, convenient operation, etc., and are well received by customers and professionals at home and abroad. Its products are widely used in the field of construction and decoration, enterprise production, sports and leisure venues, mechanical equipment maintenance, military use, high-altitude equipment installation, airports, stations, ports, warehouses and other logistics fields. At the same time, our company can customize various sizes of lifting platforms and aerial work platforms according to the different needs of customers. All employees of machinery welcome people from all walks of life to visit our company!
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