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What kind of inspection is to be carried out on the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-25
As a vertical hydraulic lifting platform, the lifting platform is mainly used to transfer goods between floors. It is realized by providing power through hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pump stations. How is the lifting platform tested? I will tell you that lifting platforms are generally designed and manufactured by manufacturers based on their own experience. For producers and users to meet the load capacity requirements is to meet the standard, so the acceptance of many lifting platforms is trial weight, normal operation without exception, it is OK. The lifting platform is a device with a long service life. The failure rate and service life in the future can only be tested by future use. Therefore, the company generally recommends that customers choose high-equipped freight elevators, and do not bury hidden dangers for future use in order to save thousands of dollars. Many customers have verified this. In the test report of the hydraulic construction lift freight elevator, there are corresponding test standards for the maximum lifting height deviation, stability, emergency lowering device, and welding seam. For details, see the following: 1. Surface paint quality: The paint should be smooth and flat, have a good bond with the metal, uniform color, no blistering, no cracking, no wrinkles, pitting, paint leakage or sagging. 2. Stability: The workbench can evenly bear 125% of the maximum load, and should be stable at the maximum lifting height. 3. Load: 150% of the lifting platform is evenly distributed at any position of the guide rail. The part bears the maximum load, and it should be stable at the maximum lifting height. 4. Protective device: In the event of failure of power, oil circuit, etc., there must be a safety rope to prevent the lifting cage platform from falling out of control. (Controlled descent is allowed) 5. Emergency descent device: When the power-driven chain-type lifting platform loses power, there should be a device for emergency descent of the workbench. 6. Welding seam: The undercut length should not exceed 10% of the welded seam, and the depth should not exceed 0.4mm. 7. Load bearing capacity: The lifting platform is placed on a horizontal supporting surface, and the working platform is uniformly adjusted to 125% of the maximum load. After 100 liftings, there should be no permanent deformation or cracks in each stressed member. 8. The lifting platform is placed on a horizontal supporting surface, and the concentrated load of the maximum load is placed at any position 300mm away from the periphery of the working platform. After 100 liftings, there should be no permanent deformation or cracks in each stressed member. 9. platform structure: The workbench should be ensured to rise and fall smoothly, and there should be no jumping-up and down phenomenon. The moving parts should be flexible and free from jams. 10. Control device: The lifting control of the lifting platform is divided into electric or manual control. 11. Hydraulic system: all components, pipelines and joints must not leak.
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