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What material is the lifting platform equipment made of

by:Powerston     2021-06-23
What material is the lifting platform equipment made of? For every buyer and user, I want to understand the truth. Here is the editor of the company's technical department to explain it to you. There are many types of lifting platforms, fixed lifting platforms, mobile lifting cage platforms and so on. It seems that the lifting platform is generally made of rectangular tubes, square tubes, iron plates and other materials. At first glance, there are a lot of materials, but they have a common name, which is Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel, also called general plate, which is a kind of steel material. Q represents the yield limit of this material, and the latter 235 refers to the yield value of this material, which is around 235MPa. And as the thickness of the material increases, its yield value decreases. Because this Q235 material has moderate carbon content, good overall performance, and better coordination of strength, plasticity and welding properties, it is the most widely used. Speaking of this, one more word is the yield value. The yield value is also called the plastic value. It often refers to the critical stress value that the plastic fluid needs to reach and exceed when it starts to flow. Below this stress, the material behaves elastically, and above this stress, the material behaves plastically. The greater the yield value, the greater the toughness of the object and the stronger it is. Now let me summarize, no matter what kind of lifting platform or lifting platform, they are mainly made of carbon structural steel made of Q235. The mobile lifting platform and rail-type lifting freight elevator made of this material have good elastic strength and good welding quality, so they are also more durable.
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