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What materials are needed for the production of lifting platform freight elevators

by:Powerston     2021-06-22
platform freight elevator is a kind of vertical lifting cage platform, which is easy to use and can transfer goods between floors conveniently and quickly. The production of freight elevators requires technology, and it is recommended that professionals also make and produce them. The production of elevator freight elevators requires a lot of processed parts, which are listed below in the editor. The following is an example of a freight elevator with a height of 4.6 meters and a load of 2 tons. 1. Two oil cylinders, specification 70/50, stroke 2.4 meters, one-way, one leveling and one ring, 1360 yuan each; 2. One hydraulic pump station, specification 4KW/380V; 3. One to two layers of digital display power distribution One box, including 2 floor control boxes, 3 limit switches; 4. A set of 100H steel guide rail processing parts, including 4 sets of sprockets, 4 sets of oil wire wheels, 16 sets of side wheels, 16 sets of guide wheels, 4 Set of chain screws, 2 cylinder U-bolts, 2 sets of cylinder pin lugs, 4 back plates without holes, chain buckles, oil thread buckles, oil thread flower baskets; 5. Chain 16A, 11 reels of 16.5 meters; 6 、The oil wire adopts 12#, four wires need 18 meters; 7. 3 oil pipes, each 3 meters, one bend, 18# oil port, one tee, three pairs of wires; 8. The construction lift platform guide rail uses 100 H Steel, four guide rails, each guide rail is 7 meters, sharing 28 meters; 9. The 120*60 rectangular tube needed for the platform of the lifting cage platform, and other auxiliary materials such as checkered plates.
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