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What needs to be paid attention to before the operation of the crank arm lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-07
The crank arm lifting cage platform tool brings a lot of convenience to our work, but it also brings some safety hazards. From the analysis of the lifting platform in the field construction, the focus should be on preventing the lifting truck from overturning, scratching, electric shock, etc. Aspects. In daily use, the focus should also be on daily inspections before use, careful monitoring during use, and maintenance after use. The following points should be controlled during the use process. 1. The body of the crank arm lifting platform should be affixed with a label indicating the following: the lifting speed limit of the lifting platform, the rated load capacity, the maximum lifting height, the name of the manufacturer and the production Date and so on. 2. The operator of the crank arm type lifting platform must participate in the training of fall protection and the use of the lift truck before starting to operate the equipment. The installed lifting platform shall be checked and accepted by the on-site safety engineer before use, and can be put into use only after the approval card is attached. 3. The user of the crank arm type lifting platform must operate in accordance with the operating rules of the construction lift truck. The personnel of the lift truck must check the lift platform before using it every day and fill in the checklist. The working area of u200bu200bthe crank arm lifting platform must be on an open flat ground, and it is not allowed to run on uneven ground. 4. Personnel using the crank arm type lifting cage platform must wear a full-body safety belt. During the lifting process, the construction lift truck attaches the safety belt to the platform, the basket or the attachment point made by the manufacturer. When the crank arm lifting platform is raised to the working height, the safety belt is no longer tied to the crank arm lifting platform, and should be fastened to other structurally reliable hanging points. If there is no reliable hanging point, wire ropes should be used. On the steel beam or concrete beam, and fasten the seat belt to the wire rope loop. The technicians of Guoqi Electric Platform Company will explain to you what you need to pay attention to before the operation of the curved arm lifting platform. I hope it will be safer in operation.
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