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What problems should be paid attention to when connecting the relay in the electric lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-06-11
The relay is an electronic control device on the electric lifting platform, responsible for regulating and protecting the circuit, etc., although it is small, it has a great effect and cannot be ignored. Correctly connecting the relay can reduce the occurrence of electric lifting platform failures and prolong the service life. Let me share the precautions when connecting the relay. ①Connect the power supply correctly. There are two kinds of AC power: 380v and 220v. Don't connect it wrongly. ②If the relay is directly welded to the printed board of the electric lifting cage platform, it is necessary to ensure that the relay lead wire can be inserted smoothly to prevent the relay root from being subjected to tension due to the excessively tight attachment. ③It is necessary to prevent the temperature from being too high during welding. Too high welding temperature may cause the relay coil and terminal of the lifting platform to be unsoldered, and affect the performance of the reed contact, and may also cause component cracking. After soldering, it should be cleaned to prevent the harmful substances of the solder from invading the root of the relay. ④For the relay with hard terminal, it is not allowed to bend during installation to prevent the glass insulator from rupturing and causing air leakage. It is required to select the socket to prevent it from being too tight or too loose, and to ensure that the socket is clean to prevent poor contact. ⑤For relays with soft terminals, try to avoid bending back and forth and ensure that the roots are not stressed. ⑥The relay should be used in a dry and cool place. The relay can well protect the circuit system of the electric lifting platform and prevent the damage of the circuit from adversely affecting the equipment. The lifting platform will be more perfect in performance and more convenient in the future development!
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