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What safety equipment systems does the lifting platform have

by:Powerston     2021-08-26
What safety equipment systems does the lifting platform have? The lifting platform is a device that replaces ladders and is often used to carry people at high altitudes. Its safety is the main reason. Our company has been selling mobile mobile elevators for many years. The product quality is excellent. We will provide high-quality services. Waiting for your visit. Let us introduce the common sense of the safety equipment of the mobile lifting cage platform. The safety equipment of the lifting platform is planned according to different safety requirements, including fence door limit, cage door limit, top door limit, Limit switches, upper and lower limit switches, counterweight anti-broken rope maintenance switches, etc. On some construction sites, in order to save effort, some limit switches are manually cancelled and short-circuited or if they are not corrected in time after being damaged, it is equivalent to canceling these safety lines of defense , Planting hidden dangers, for example: the hanging cage needs to be loaded with long things, the hanging cage cannot be placed in the hanging cage, and the hanging cage needs to be extended outside, and the door limit or the top door limit is manually canceled, in the case of imperfect or incomplete safety equipment mentioned above In order to prevent hidden dangers from happening, we hope to use unit leaders to strengthen management, and strictly require mobile elevator maintenance and operators to regularly check the safety and reliability of various safety switches. Other requirements suggest that the lifting cage platform needs to be used at the start of construction. It is necessary to perform a load-free operation test first, and all cables and electrical appliances of the lifting cage platform must be checked. Work can be carried out under safe conditions. 135.
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