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What should be paid attention to when installing the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-25
The installation notice of the platform will be installed by you. It saves you money. The installation of the lifting cage platform is listed in manual mode: after you order the lifting platform, you will get the corresponding drawings. You will make the pit, embedded parts and ground pit in the air After digging the pit, place the platform in the pit. The platform will be used to adjust the level of the platform and the sky. The bottom of the platform will be welded firmly with embedded parts. Weld guide wheels on both sides of the platform (inside the four corners). Then guide (channel) It is perpendicular to the fixed guide rail wheel seat. On both sides of the lifting cage platform, the guide wheels (method) are arranged according to the guide wheel in the guide photo. The guide wheels slide on the guide rail, and then use the expansion screw iron (iron) railway channel size to stand The fixed position at the bottom of the guide rail device will weld the guide rail to the board in the future. At the same time, the high and low will be fixed firmly before the connection. Turn on the power, set up the equipment, and check that the guide rail and the host are in good condition. Adjust the road: construction lift the platform Go to the designated position, confirm the value, and set the limit switch. Test: During the lifting process of the lifting platform, the guide wheel must slide into the guide rail (channel steel) smoothly to make the platform rise and fall steadily.
What should be paid attention to when inspecting the appearance of the lifting cage platform?
1. The nameplate of the speed limiter should indicate the type, rated speed, electrical and mechanical action speed of the lifting platform; 2. The rotating parts of the speed limiter should be flexible and reliable lubrication; 3. On the rotating parts in contact The yellow warning color should be painted; 4. The speed platform, speed limiter, and bracket should have speed limiter and rotation direction signs; 5. Adjustable parts should be sealed; 6. platforms, electrical switches and mechanical moving parts for the disabled It should be in good condition, flexible, accurate and reliable, without abnormal sounds.
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