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What should be paid attention to when repairing the lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-06-29
Some customers need hydraulic lifting cage platform repair and maintenance after using it for a period of time after purchasing the lifting platform. Guangdong is a professional manufacturer. When you have any questions, please call us and we will come up with a better solution for you . The following editor has compiled a few points for attention when repairing the lifting cage platform: 1. Check whether the rollers, intermediate shafts and bearings, cylinder pins and bearings, arm plate hinge shafts and bearings are worn or not. When repairing the intermediate shafts and bearings, do not use braces to support the lifting platform. Only large C-clamps can be used to clamp each jib on both sides of the lifting platform to prevent the table from falling off. Lubricate the above-mentioned components. 2. Check the oil level and quality of the hydraulic oil of the lifting platform. Raise the lifting platform all the way, and support the support rods in accordance with Appendix B. When the lifting platform is in this position, the oil level should be 20-25 mm higher than the bottom of the box. If you find that the color of the hydraulic oil becomes dark, the oil is sticky, or the oil contains foreign matter such as gravel, it should be replaced. 3. Do daily maintenance:    1) Check whether the rollers, bearings and other stressed parts are worn, and whether the fasteners are loose or not. 2) Check whether all the travel switches are in good contact. 3) Whether the oil cylinder is leaking and whether there is any Plating layer peeling phenomenon 4) Whether the overload protection device is operating normally 5) Whether the circuit connection is clean, whether the connection is firm, whether the work is normal The correct maintenance and maintenance of the lifting platform can extend the service life of the lifting cage platform and reduce the failure rate of the lifting platform .
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