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What steps are there in the installation process of a fixed lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-10-02
Hydraulic lifting platforms are widely used in logistics parks and other factories where there is a certain height difference between the unloading platform and the vehicle. Therefore, when customers choose the lifting platform, they need to face a problem that is the installation of the lifting cage platform. It is not that complicated to install the hydraulic lifting cage platform, but it is not very simple to complete. A professional installation team is required, and a master who is proficient in the entire process is responsible for the construction and guidance. Below we will share some of the processes in the process of installing the hydraulic lifting platform. 1. The first choice is to dig a pit, and dig pits of different sizes according to customer needs. 2. Dig the lead hole, and leave the hole for the embedded wire (wrapped in PVC or steel pipe) at the center of the pit tail. 3. Weld the anchor nail to the inner surface of the angle steel, and the triangle of the pit needs to be wrapped by the angle steel. 4. Spread sand on the lower bottom of the pit, and reinforced concrete on the upper layer. 5. Both sides of the pit must be firmly connected with the steel mesh in the civil construction by using mesh steel bars, and pay attention to the spacing. 6. Cement pouring, reserved angle steel position, pre-embedded anti-collision block thick steel plate. 7. The second pouring, fixing the angle steel, the pit construction is completed. 8. Put the fixed lifting cage platform into the pit, and connect the platform and the pit tightly through expansion bolts and welding. After the hydraulic lifting platform is installed, only a single person can perform batch operations, which enables enterprises to reduce a lot of labor costs and obtain greater economic benefits. More exciting content recommendation: regular maintenance manual of mobile scissor construction lift platform
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