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What to do if the hydraulic pump wears in the hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-17
People who often deal with the lifting cage platform machinery at work know that when the hydraulic pump fails, it means that the hydraulic pump is worn out. What should I do? 1. Check the internal leakage of the boom cylinder. Raise the boom to see if there is an obvious free fall. If the fall is obvious, disassemble the oil cylinder and check that the sealing ring has been worn out and should be replaced with a new one. 2. Check the control valve. Clean the safety valve first, check whether the valve core is worn, if it is worn, replace it with a new one. If there is no change after the safety valve is installed, check the wear of the control valve spool. If the wear is serious, replace it with a new one. 3. Measure the pressure of the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic lifting cage platform. If the pressure is low, adjust it. If the pressure still cannot be adjusted, it means that the hydraulic pump is severely worn. The hydraulic pump is a very important part of the hydraulic lifting platform. The boom cylinder and hydraulic pump are optimized to reduce the working pressure of the system. Through optimization, it satisfies the lifting force and speed requirements of the boom cylinder. Finally, the editor reminds everyone that in the process of use, regardless of the lifting platform, mobile boarding bridge, lifting cage freight elevator, etc., the correct use and maintenance of the lifting platform should be paid attention to. The hydraulic oil should be regularly added or replaced to maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and strengthen Daily inspection and maintenance.
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