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What to do if the hydraulic system of the vertical lifting cargo lifting platform is contaminated

by:Powerston     2021-09-29
The hydraulic system of the erecting and landing cargo lifting platform is the central system of the perfect equipment, and it is very important to the human heart. When the hydraulic system is turbid, it will be impregnated with the work and life of the lifting platform. Then, the hydraulic system What aspects of the pollution emerge urgently? The editor will explain it for us. 1. The pollution of the nature of the lifting cargo lifting platform: refers to the explosion of metal particles in the hydraulic system during the operation process, the profitable particles after the sealing material is worn, the paint peeling sheet, and the moisture , The generation of bubbles and oil reflects the return of colloidal endowments, etc., which becomes hydraulic oil pollution. 2. The pollution of the invaded objects of the lifting cargo lifting platform: refers to the pollutants (air, dust, water droplets, etc.) Infringement points, such as the leaking reciprocating piston rod, the lifting cargo lifting cage platform reminds us of the invasion system such as the air inlet and oil injection hole of the fuel tank, which forms hydraulic oil pollution. 3. The residue pollution of the lifting cargo lifting cage platform: refers to hydraulic components Sand, iron filings, abrasives, welding slag, embroidery pieces, grease, veils, and dust that may be brought into the process of establishment, maintenance, transportation, assembly, and repair, although they are white, they are not cleaned in time and remain. The formation of hydraulic oil pollution. Summary: The hydraulic system of the lifting cargo lifting platform should be similarly cleaned and maintained, saving the intrusion of pollutants and impurities, so that the quality and quantity of high-altitude operations will be guaranteed to the end.
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