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What to do if the lifting platform is rusty

by:Powerston     2021-06-24
Some lifting platforms are used outdoors. Recently, it has rained a lot in humid weather. Some friends found that the lifting platform is rusty. What should I do if the lifting platform is rusted? 1. Chemical method: This method is fast and has high rust removal efficiency, but relatively speaking, the use of rust remover to remove rust on the iron plate bracket is relatively expensive. 2. Mechanical derusting: a very common method for large steel structures such as steel plates and steel. The rust removal speed is fast, the effect is good, and the rust removal cost is relatively low. While removing the rust, it can also eliminate the surface burrs and debris, which has a certain beautification effect on the surface. High controllability. Relevant staff are required to do this work carefully and patiently to ensure that the next rust removal work can be completed better. 3. When it rains, the surface of the lifting platform is coated with a layer of oily material to prevent rainwater from penetrating the structure of the lifting platform, which can reduce the probability of rust to a certain extent. 4. The rusty parts of the lifting cage platform must first be pasted and then coated with oily substances for protection. These areas shall be treated with special treatment and try to keep it under control of rust. During maintenance, the lifting platform must be checked for rust. These places are also fragile places. 5. You can apply a layer of paint on the lifting platform, but no matter what kind of paint can not withstand the baptism of time and climate. The editor reminds everyone that the lifting platform and the lifting platform are generally sprayed. The function of the paint is to protect the quality of the steel plate inside the hydraulic lifting platform and reduce the degree of corrosion of the machine. It is also a protective measure to extend the service life of the machine. The paint spraying of the machine is about three times, depending on different materials and the climate conditions of the customer's location, many times or even more times.
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