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What to do if the pump station of the hydraulic lifting platform fails

by:Powerston     2021-07-04
If the pump station of the hydraulic lifting cage platform is out of control, don't panic. First of all, we must calmly analyze the reasons. Qiangguan hydraulic lifting cage platform will summarize the following reasons for you, and hope it will be helpful to users in the future. When a malfunction occurs, we must keep a calm mind and check whether the spool of the flow valve in the hydraulic cylinder is blocked. If the hydraulic oil contains impurities, it is easy to cause the blockage of the filter element, which is easy to happen out of control. Happening. Check whether the seal of the piston rod is too tight, whether contaminants have entered, whether the axis line is centered, and whether the easily damaged components have failed. If it is winter, check whether the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too high. If the viscosity is too high, the fluidity of the hydraulic oil will be poor, so that the movement of the hydraulic cylinder will slow down and the movement will gradually fail. At this time, it is necessary to replace the one with better viscosity and temperature performance. The hydraulic oil, in the case of low temperature, can use the heater to increase the oil temperature of the hydraulic cylinder of the Shanghai lifting cage platform when it is started.
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