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What to do if there is an emergency stop when the hydraulic lifting platform is in use

by:Powerston     2021-06-16
Last week, a customer consulted and bought a hydraulic lifting cage platform on Alibaba. Recently, problems occurred during use. When the up or down button is pressed, the motor is rotating. The lifting cage platform did not move and contacted the manufacturer, but the other party had delayed the processing, which caused many unnecessary troubles to the customer. This problem encountered by customers is a common problem. Our engineering staff will provide customers with the following suggestions.  Full-time operation (operation) of certified personnel check the following positions of the elevator  First, the motor reverses.   A treatment method changes two of the three stages arbitrarily.  Second, the oil level is too low and the oil pump sucks oil.   Treatment method Add hydraulic oil (hydraulic oil) to the oil tank.    Third, the pipe joint (pipe joint) leaks oil.   The method of tightening the joint or replacing the pipeline    Fourth, the overflow valve is overflowing (the pressure is too low). Re-adjust the safety valve processing method     Fifth, the overload is serious.   Treatment method a) Reduce the load, b) Check the oil circuit part once a week.    Sixth, a mechanical part is damaged and stuck.   When the hydraulic lifting platform encounters this kind of emergency stop, it is best to notify the manufacturer as soon as possible for repair or find a professional repair shop for repair.
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