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What to do in daily maintenance of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-05
What to do in daily maintenance of hydraulic lifting platform     Hydraulic lifting platform, lifting platform are relatively common equipment in industrial production, which can be used for the up and down transportation of goods, which is convenient and significantly reduces manpower input. Generally speaking, the hydraulic lifting platform will carry a lot of work, if the daily maintenance is not done well, the equipment may not be able to work properly. So, what is the daily maintenance of hydraulic lifting platform? 1. Replace the steel wire rope hydraulic lifting platform. One of the components is the steel wire rope. The steel wire rope plays a balancing role in it. It moves with the lifting of the platform, so there will be a certain amount of wear. Here, Xinlu Machinery recommends that the majority of users, the wire rope It needs to be replaced every other time, and lubricated with lubricating oil, so that the life of the wire rope is longer.   2. Replace hydraulic oil    Hydraulic lifting platform is a hydraulic equipment, so hydraulic oil is needed to drive the platform up and down. If the hydraulic oil is discharged for a long time, it will liquefy, which may cause the lifting platform to fail to rise. Therefore, the manufacturer will inform the customer about when to replace the hydraulic oil after installing the equipment, and the customer must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent damage to the hydraulic system , Thus making the lifting cage platform unusable.  3. Lubricating oil    The detail of lubricating oil may be overlooked by many customers. I have also visited many customers' sites and found that some customers have not used lubricating oil for several years. Some customers will say that I can still use it, why is it so troublesome? So the editor tells everyone what are the benefits of lubricating oil? We usually apply lubricating oil in some detents of the equipment, on the guide rails, chains and wire ropes, because these places are more severely worn, and lubricating oil can better reduce the degree of wear, so as to reduce the problem of the hydraulic lifting platform.  What is the daily maintenance of hydraulic lifting platform? In addition to the above three points, we should also pay attention to the regular debugging and inspection of the equipment to ensure normal use within a certain period of time, and as far as possible to ensure that the equipment works normally for a period of time without accidents.
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