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What to do when using the lifting platform to descend emergency

by:Powerston     2021-07-02
When using a lifting cage platform, an emergency descent is sometimes needed, so how to perform an emergency descent? The following editor will take you to understand the operation method.  To ensure that the electrical wiring is correct, adjust the rotation of the two motors to be consistent. When the power supply is normal, connect the lifting cage control switch to the top platform of the hoisting cage for human operation. No-load trial operation. The operation control switch makes the hoisting cage run up and down on the guide rail frame several times. The hoisting cage runs smoothly, without bounce, abnormal noise, etc. At the same time, further check the meshing and contact conditions of guide wheels, gears, etc., after normal working load test run, the operation method is the same as above, and further check the heating of the motor and reducer, and allow normal installation and operation after all conditions are normal. For the newly installed construction construction lift freighter, a static load test of 25% overload should be carried out for 10 minutes to check the rigidity of the main beams of the cage, and the positioning of the guide wheels are reliable, and the problems should be solved in time. After the various parts of the construction elevator freight machine are installed, the relative position of each component and the length of the travel switch arm should be adjusted separately during the trial operation, and the following gap adjustments can be carried out after the cage operation experiment. First of all, make sure to cut off the power supply of the main engine, then remove the inspection cover connecting the parking motor and the reducer, and insert a crowbar into the connecting hole of the unit coupling. When prying, you must open the release of the motor tail brake by hand and proceed The second prying preparation, such as the reciprocating prying move to raise the cage about 1m, at the same time check the rise of the cage on the guide rail frame, and adjust the position of each roller at any time to make the cage gear and the rack meshing position accurate , The operation is balanced, the rollers are in contact with the rail frame column tube evenly, and there is no collision, etc., and then gently pull the gate handle by hand to slowly lower the cage. Repeat the above operation and confirm that it can run before proceeding to the mechanical drive test. .
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