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What to pay attention to for hydraulic lifting platform in summer

by:Powerston     2021-06-15
platform is a common tool for modern high-altitude operations. It has the characteristics of small appearance, light weight, small swing, large load capacity, and stable lifting. Not only is it popular in industrial production, it also gradually enters people’s home life. With the advent of summer and the temperature is soaring, what should be paid attention to when using it? 1. The lifting platform has been inspected and debugged before leaving the factory, and all technical indicators have reached the design requirements. It only needs to be connected to the power supply during use, and the hydraulic and electrical systems do not need to be adjusted. The operator must carefully check the hydraulic and electrical systems, and there is no leakage. It can be used only after omissions or omissions, and the mobile lifting cage platform needs to run without load for one to three times before loading operations can be carried out. 2. When the lifting cage platform is in use, the four outriggers should be firmly supported on a solid ground, and sleepers can be used when necessary; the center of gravity of the load should be placed in the center of the workbench as much as possible, and overloading is strictly prohibited. 3. When using a hand pump, first tighten the oil return valve knob clockwise, push the handle to the middle position, press the handle, and the platform can rise. When descending, loosen the oil return valve and the platform descends. Before operation, make sure that the movable doors at both ends of the guardrail are closed and locked. 4. When it is unable to rise to the rated height, check whether the hydraulic oil in the oil tank reaches the standard scale. 5. When in use, tighten the oil return valve knob in a clockwise direction, push the manual reversing valve handle to the middle position, start the motor to make the system work, and then pull the reversing handle to the lifting cage position, and the construction lift freight elevator will rise to After the required height, push the reversing handle to the middle position, the lifting platform stops rising, and the motor is turned off at the same time, and the operation is ready. When descending, loosen the oil return valve (rotate counterclockwise), and the platform can descend by its own weight. The lifting platform is flexible and has a large load capacity, but when professional and technical personnel operate, strictly follow the operating rules to prevent accidents.
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